Invite Your Friends

It’s so easy to invite people to join you for Easter at Faith Promise Online!

Invite by creating a post
Post one of the graphics on this page, a photo of your family at Faith Promise, or maybe even last year's Easter photo to your Instagram or Facebook account.

Be sure to mention that Easter Online begins Friday April 10 on Faith Promise's Facebook page, or at faithpromise.org/online! Use the hashtags #fpeaster and #faithpromise so we can see your posts!
Invite by creating a story
To create a story post on Instagram, download the vertical graphics, then swipe up while in the creator to grab a photo from your camera roll.

You can add the time you'll be watching, gifs, stickers, a countdown clock, hashtag, and lots of other fun things!
Invite by filming a video
Why not put your handsome or beautiful face in front of the screen and personalize a shout out to your friends online?! Just record a video less than 60 seconds telling people where they can watch, how excited you are, or anything else you want to share!

Good option for posts or stories.
Invite by texting a friend
You don't even have to send a photo, though you can if you want. Just receiving a note from a friend inviting them to watch Easter will make someone's whole day!
Invite by talking to those you do see
Maybe the mailman, the cashier at the grocery store, a neighbor outside, or the person at the next gas station pump.

We are safer at home, but when we have to leave the house, there's no reason to not mention faithpromise.org as a great place to watch Easter online!

From free downloadable invite graphics, to ideas for you to create your own personal invite, we’ve compiled it all for you here!

To download the graphics, right click on your computer and choose Save As, or long-hold on your smartphone to save to your camera roll, then share away!