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Easter at Faith Promise
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Easter looks different this year, but Faith Promise is still so excited to bring the best experience possible to you and your family right in your home. Our entire team has been working so hard to take the Easter service we had planned for you, including amazing worship, moving films of life change, and an incredible message from Pastor Chris, and turn it into something your whole family can enjoy at home. The fpKIDS team has even prepared special videos, worship, stories, ideas, and printables for parents so that your kids can have the best Easter ever, too!

Don’t Forget!
Easter is still the greatest time of the year to invite a friend, family member, or neighbor to church— even online! Faith Promise is offering so many online services on our website, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live, that it’s easier than ever for your online circle to join you! Check out the Invite Your Friends page here to get some ideas and resources, and post, email, and text away!

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Service Times

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We know that you may be busier than ever in these crazy times. Don't let that stop you from celebrating the ressurection of Jesus with us! We've got service times starting on Good Friday, on Saturday, all day Easter Sunday, and even on Monday! Click below to see an entire list of service times.

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It can be hard to keep all of the times and, yes, locations straight. We'll show you how to connect early so you don't miss a thing.

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Inviting online is one of the easiest things in the world! We want to help make it even easier. Click the button to get resources, ideas, and more.

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Maybe you've heard of watch parties and maybe not. Either way you'll love them! You'll connect with you friends and family and be able to engage together throughout the whole service. We'll even show you how!

fpKIDS Easter Jam

Everything you need to conect with fpkids Easter Jam Online.

Easter Jam

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to join in as a family!

Join us this year in fpKIDS Online for EASTER JAM! Easter Jam is an experience designed for your entire family! That’s right— from preschoolers to grandparents and everyone in between, join us for an incredible experience as we play games, worship and learn about how we can have a relationship with our Risen Savior as a family!